For a number of years Jack and I, along with Edie Brown (Kinvarra Kerries) have done rescue on an informal basis in the southeast.  With the advent of formal rescue efforts under the auspices of parent clubs we continue to take any opportunity to be of service in this respect.  Although our networking resources within the terrier community make our efforts most effective in helping the terrier breeds, we have also rescued or assisted in rescuing other breed group dogs.  Our main emphasis however is in providing rescue or support for Kerry Blue Terriers and Fox Terriers in need.

Here's little Lakeland Terrier "Annie" with Jack and me..  I was called to our local shelter to pick up a "little Wire Fox" and out of that dirty fuzz emerged this little doll!
"Annie" made her new home with another Lakeland terrier rescue the late "Joss" and Lakie lovers Ken and Marilyn Korn of Austin, Texas, who've owned her several years now. Thanks to Lakeland Terrier rescue for helping with this great home for a very deserving little girl. We are going to miss her!
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