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    From Your Photo to a Precious Memory
Pastel: Weimaraner "Ghost Among The Dunes"   Commissioned work - Private Collection
copyright 2000 S. Dunivant
Computer Rendering for Portraiture and Advertising
                   Examples of beautiful pets exclusively rendered digitally...

copyright 2000 S. Dunivant.
This technique produces a very attractive amalgam of  two techniques, melding today's digital graphics with time honored traditional materials and execution. 

Iris giclee inks are tested and proven to retain their color quality for 80 to 100+ years. Cared for as one would any fine artwork, your beautiful keepsake will retain it's quality for many years to come...a work of art to treasure for a lifetime!
You may prefer to comission a portrait entirely done in traditional mediums.  Contact me to discuss a pastel, acrylic, oil or even mixed media rendering at
Photograph on right was used to create a beautiful portrait combining today's digital technology with old master techiniques of traditional gel and paint mediums.  A special mood can be created by choosing a specific background or including items which have special meaning.  Or consider a portrait of you and your pet.  I will be happy to discuss various options. Stroke by stroke your pet is hand painted digitally, printed in archival iris giclee inks on canvas.  I further hand paint details using traditional artist mediums, adding a true painterly quality to the finished work.  I then seal it with archival lacquer to preserve the beauty of your loved pet for decades to come.
copyright 2011
copyright 2011
Prices are based on one subject. Multiple subjects may be added at an additional cost.  Human subjects may also be incorporated into the portrait and I will be happy to consult with you on how this can be achieved.  Consider including personal items, such as favorite toys or items of special signigicance to you or your family to create a very special portrait.

Pricing is based on traditional canvas sizes, unframed.  Larger sizes, if shipped will be unstretched and shipped with bars.  Larger and/or custom sizing is available.

     Entirely digitally rendered             Digitally rendered & further
          printed on canvas                      hand painted on canvas

8 x 10                        $150                                  $200
11x14                        $300                                  $450
16 x20                       $500                                  $650
20 x 24                      $700                                  $850
20 x 30                      $900                                  $1050
24 x 30                      $1000                                $1250
24 x 36                      $1100                                $1500
30 x40                       $1400                                $1600     

Please provide the best picture of the subject, digital files with no less than 250 ppi, 300 ppi peferred.  Strive for the best quality you can acquire. I will begin work after receiving photos or digital files and half the payment of full amount.  Balance of amount is due after your approval of the digitally rendered painting.  Upon your approval, I will have the painting printed to canvas and proceed with hand painting.  You may then pick up the finished work, or arrange to have the canvas shipped.

Email files to:

For those ordering portraits through Artful Living Group Gallery, please note:  "Artful Living Group portrait request" in email subject line. 

Artist may also be reached by cell phone at:  336-650-3401 
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