Trophies and Animal Products

A special piece of wisdom to remember is "Never scrimp on your tools".  RingWorthy is proud to recommend
DILLIGADTM Stripping Knives
Ergonomic comfort in a beautiful handcrafted tool.
Reproduction Vintage Pull Toy Fox Terrier Trophies custom designed and created for The American Fox Terrier National Specialty at Montgomery County in 2004
Smooth Fox Terrier Pull Toys.  The largest (Smooth with mechanical bouncing ball feature) is approximately 20" tall. Smaller pull toy models were produced for Winners classes.
...and the same design was produced for Wire Fox Terriers.  The BOB trophies, both Smooth and Wire featured a mechanical feature wherein as the toy is pulled the red ball bounces up and down.
Let us kick around some ideas with you about a really unique trophy for your next show!

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