How could I have known how much my life would change with the arrival on that early June morning of the Skeeter/Sheri litter.  By this time the Ashby's (Blujac) my original mentors in the breed and good friends, had moved on to Virginia.  But three days after the litter was born, Carl Ashby had business in the area and stopped by to say hello and look at the little black "mole men and women".  As I sat in the whelping box holding up one puppy after another, Carl very graciously admired each one. Then I held up a particular male pup, "Purple boy", and said, "Look at the headpiece and body on this one...I bet he's going to be something special."  Carl laughed, "You can't tell much about them at this age."  I  replied, "You mark my words...he'll be something special!" 

So maybe just to prove me right, future Best in Show and Specialty winner Am/Can Ch. Elf Loch Where There's Smoke was a standout from the start!

"Flash" is shown below going Best of Winners from the Puppy Class at his very first show (Pittsburgh Kerry Blue Terrier Club, 1982) at the tender age of 9 months...this after going Best In Sweepstakes earlier in the day!
As is evidenced in the collage of pictures below..."Flash" always stood out in the crowd.  He had a natural showmanship and charisma coupled with a fine mind that made him a joy to show.  A temperament as wonderful as his guaranteed that even on his worst day he generally showed better than all the rest.  He was a dream come true either sparring or baiting, and could switch from one to the other seamlessly, so sensible was he.  But most of all he loved me more than any other dog I've ever owned, and I always felt safe on those dark walks before turning in at night while on the road.

"Flash" leaves a lasting memory for me in his children and his children's children, many who were (and are) top winners and producers.  His name can be found in some of the top producing Kerry lines of today.

I never expect to own a Kerry, much less breed one, who was as wonderful as Ch. Elf Loch Where There's "Flash"

Am & Can Ch. Elf Loch Where There's Smoke
                    Record Of Merit Sire
copyright 2000 S. Dunivant
Flash does it!
In 1984 The American Kennel Club marked it's 100 year birthday culiminating in the special AKC Centennial Benched Show in Philadelphia. 

We are very proud that our boy "Flash" was Best Of Breed at this once in a lifetime celebration.

We thank all the people who encouraged us to participate in that event, and thank judge, Robert Moore for this memorable win.

PEDIGREE of Am_Can_Ch_Elf_Loch_Where_There_s_Smoke_R_O_M_.htm
PEDIGREE of Am_Can_Ch_Elf_Loch_Where_There_s_Smoke_R_O_M_.htm
Best In Show Judge Lee Reasin